Welcome to Daily Freebies. My name is Doris and this is my website. Here’s what you should know about us:

We Love Free Stuff

Daily Freebies collates the best freebies (well, duh) and sweepstakes (or giveaways) that we can find online and offers daily updates so that you can get awesome free stuff.

It’s important to note – we don’t supply these freebies. So, if something is out of stock or the offer has expired (and this happens quite a bit), we can’t change that. You should contact the website with the freebie to ask what’s going on.

Also, the same is true for sweepstakes; apart from Daily Freebies branded sweepstakes and giveaways, we don’t run the others. We understand it’s disappointing if the terms and conditions say you can’t enter for any reason – but we don’t make the rules. Contact the organizer to find out why they chose those rules.

Free Email Updates

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How Do We Pay For This?

It’s simple. We use affiliate advertising. That means we may get paid a small commission if you buy something from one of the links you click on.

This doesn’t change the price of a product for you. The commission is paid out of a marketing budget.

I’m also allowing a group of select advertisers on here too. This all means that Daily Freebies stays free.

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