Free Belle Aroma Plugables ScentSlide Fragrance Diffuser Set

This is cool! Get a free Belle Aroma Plugables ScentSlide Fragrance Diffuser Set!

    • Versatile Functionality: In addition to providing a pleasant fragrance, the ScentSlide also doubles as a night light, creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere in any room.

    • Advanced Heating Technology: The ScentSlide’s advanced heating technology controls the inner temperature for safe and long-lasting fragrance diffusion, whether you choose to use scented resin fragrance wafers or essential oils on a felt pad.

    • Easy Installation: The ScentSlide’s front grill slides open for easy installation of fragrance load, giving you quick and hassle-free access to switch out fragrances or oils.

    • User Control: The on-off switch of the ScentSlide gives users full control without the need to unplug the device, making it easy to turn off and on as needed. The plug also rotates to be turned either upright or sideways to your preference.

    • Safe Design: The low-profile design of the ScentSlide makes it safe to plug in almost anywhere, providing a discreet and effective way to enhance the ambiance of your space with safety.

    • Choose Refill Type: To refill, simply choose between one of our many excellent Fragrance Wafers OR create your own essential oil scent mix with convenient and cost-effective Felt Refill Pads.

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