Farmers Seed Vault

This is a wonderful chance to improve your garden or growing space! You can win one of three x Farmers Seed Vaults. They each include seeds from 100 varieties of heirloom crops.

Sponsor: Survival Garden Seeds

Prize: The Farmer’s Seed Vault Collection contains 100 different seed varieties. It is a survival seed vault filled with vegetable seeds and more. Grow your own food with vegetables, fruits, and culinary and medicinal herb seeds. Included are several varieties of flowers to attract pollinators that provide a richer, more fruitful growing experience and yield from your survival garden.

Red Amaranth

Green Globe Artichoke

Mary Washington Asparagus

Genovese Basil

Holy Basil

Opal Basil

Thai Basil


Contender Bean

Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean

Wax Bush Bean

Ruby Queen (Red) Beet

Detroit Golden Beet

Blue Sage (Salvia farinacea)


Romanesco Broccoli

Catskill Brussels Sprouts

Michihili (Napa) Cabbage

Brunswick Cabbage

Chantenay Royal Carrot

Scarlet Nantes Carrot

Tendersweet Carrot


Snowball Cauliflower

Roman Chamomile

Chinese Celery

Common Chives

Crimson Clover

Georgia Southern Collards

Knuckle Purplehull Cowpeas

Armenian Cucumber

Muncher Cucumber

Spacemaster Cucumber

Echinacea (Purple Coneflower)

Long Eggplant



Forget Me Not

Bushel Gourd

Dwarf Siberian Improved Kale

Red Russian Kale

Purple Vienna Kohlrabi


Lemon Balm

Green Salad Bowl Lettuce

Iceberg Lettuce

Parris Island Lettuce



Crackerjack Marigold

Hales Best Melon

Honey Dew Melon

Common Milkweed

Grandpa Ott Morning Glory

Southern Giant Mustard Greens

Tip Top Nasturtium

Red Burgundy Okra

Tokyo Long White Onion

Red Burgundy Onion,


Canton White Stem Pak Choi

Swiss Giants Pansy Mix

Curled Parsley

Sugar Daddy Snap Peas

Big Red Pepper

Habanero Orange Pepper

Serrano Pepper


Monarch Butterfly Pollinator Mix

Strawberry Popcorn

Fairy Tale Pumpkin

Daikon Radish

Purple Plum Radish

American Purple Rutabaga



Noble Giant Spinach

Pink Banana Winter Squash

Straight Neck Summer Squash

Autumn Beauty Sunflower

Lemon Queen Sunflower

Dwarf Sungold Sunflower

Mammoth Sunflower

Mammoth Mix Sweet Pea

Ruby Red Rhubarb Swiss Chard

Russian Tarragon


Toma Verde Tomatillo

Beefsteak Tomato

Black Krim Tomato

Cherokee Purple Tomato

Aunt Ruby’s German Green Tomato

Sugar Baby Watermelon

Tendersweet Orange Watermelon

Yellow Petite Watermelon

White Sage

Wildflowers Cut Flower Mix

California Giants Zinnia

Golden Zucchini

Round Zucchini

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Start Date: Nov 1, 2022

End Date: Nov 30, 2022

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