Omaze Sweepstakes And How To Win Prizes & Help Charities

The principle behind Omaze is that you can get chances to win a major prize or have a once-in-a-lifetime experience — all while helping a worthy cause.

We get emails and DMs with questions about Omaze on an almost daily basis.

So, we put together this short, concise guide to Omaze Sweepstakes to answer these important questions.

What are Omaze sweepstakes and why should you enter them?

Omaze is a website that offers online sweepstakes with the chance to win amazing prizes.

But unlike other sites, Omaze donates a portion of the money collected to charity.

So not only do you have a chance to win a fabulous prize, but you’re also helping out a good cause.

How do you enter without donating to charity, and where does the money go if you do donate?

There are two ways to enter the Omaze sweepstakes.

The first is to donate to the charity of your choice. The minimum donation amount is usually $10, but this can vary depending on the prize you’re hoping to win.

The second way to enter is to sign up for the Omaze newsletter. This is free to do, and you’ll receive email updates about new prizes and chances to win.

Are people really winning these prizes, and what do they get in return for their donation?

Yes, people really are winning fabulous prizes! In return for your donation, you’ll receive entries into the contest.

The more you donate, the more entries you’ll receive.

And everyone who donates is also entered to win a bonus prize, which is usually a trip to visit the set of the prize or meet the celebrity involved.

Why should you choose Omaze over other online sweepstakes?

The prizes! So what kind of prizes can you win?

Omaze has given away cars, vacations, and even once-in-a-lifetime experiences like attending a taping of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. And the best part is, anyone can enter for a chance to win.

If you’re interested in entering Omaze sweepstakes, simply visit their website and choose the prize you’d like to win. Then follow the instructions on how to enter.

Remember, you can always opt to donate to charity if you’d like, but it’s not required.

So why not enter today for your chance to win an amazing prize while helping out a good cause?

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